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Will Juniour Ntr enter politics or not

Will Juniour Ntr enter politics or not?

Juniour Ntr enter politics or not?

Juniour Ntr enter politics or not? Will you join BJP or not? Do you just campaign or do you drive the story from behind the scenes? Or will you wait till the end and get wet like Rajinikanth? No one can imagine. All in all, such a big question mark has not appeared in front of Telugu people recently.

Even after Union Minister, Amit Shah landed in Hyderabad, he eagerly went to the temple and worshiped his mother, but did not get any publicity. Even though Munugudu went from Hyderabad with a huge convoy and lectured for half an hour on KCR, his family rule and KCR’s forgotten promises, there was no special coverage beyond the routine coverage and no analysis.

No one paid much attention to Komati Rajagopal Reddy, who was the reason for Amit Shah’s arrival, and his saffron scarf. Finally, his meeting with media king ‘Eenadu’ Ramoji Rao did not make a big sound.

Amit Shah’s private lunch meeting with Juniour Ntr became a big hot topic. It has been many years since the most thrilling scenes in Telugu state politics. There is no other feature except victories and defeats, overwhelming victories, terrible defeats, insults and taunts.

Telugu politics is somewhat stagnant. The same faces, the same characters, the same themes, the same conspiracies, the same intrigues… are getting ready to come again and again. No one could come up with something new.



That’s why the discussion going on for two days says that there is a need for a new actor to enter. The BJP really wants a new silver screen actor in Telugu drama. It is not known whether BJP’s friendship with Pawan Kalyan is increasing. Political audiences also want novelty.

The reason why the BJP, which claims to be fighting against family rule, has no qualms about using a family, is that Jr. NTR will bring something new.
Junior NTR is not only a good craze for Telugu drama but also very sympathetic.

There are many people who want him to take over the reins of the Telugu Desam Party. When Andhra Pradesh was separated, there were requests to declare him as the leader of Telangana at least.

Some wanted him to be the right leader of the party, to be the political heir of NTR and to have the reins of the party. Many in Telugu Desam also hoped to take Junior into the party and use his services. Since it is not possible to express it externally, this desire is wanted to be fulfilled internally.

A couple of leaders told BBC Telugu that the answer to YCP’s landslide victory rather than defeat in the 2019 elections was to distance Junior. Telugu Desam Party leaders have a lot of confidence on Juniour Ntr. In fact, some people have also expressed the fear that the BJP will uplift him.

Chandrababu is also expected to wake up. On the other hand, Junior NTR is also staying sober. While NTR flaunts his acting legacy, he is very humble and cautious about his political legacy. Do not speak a single word. Not a single wish is revealed. Actually, he is not in the political world.

This is the special attraction of Junior NTR. In these days when every person who has 4 cents behind is rushing to enter politics, NTR, who has the abundant social capital, never had such a suspicion. Everyone knows why he is staying away from the Telugu Desam Party.

It is difficult to take him into the Telugu Desam Party now. It had to happen sometime. In regional parties, whoever controls the party decides who will be in politics. So is our party. It is not possible for a junior to play a key role in the Telugu Desam Party,” commented a former TDP MLA.

In 2009, during the YSR wave, Jr. NTR entered the field to support the Telugu Desam Party. His campaign style and lecture style are impressive. Many people saw ‘Grandpa NTR’ in his campaign by wearing a khaki dress and riding Chaitanya Rath.

His campaign spread from Srikakulam to the entire coast. Telugu Desam inspired activists and turned fans towards politics. As a whole, it brought great political movement in the state. That’s when Megastar Chiranjeevi’s ‘Praja Rajyam’ was also formed.

It made people look towards the strong Congress, the new ‘Praja Rajyam’, but also the TDP. With this, the speculation that Telugu Desam will change hands also started. Even though his ‘campaign chariot’ suffered an accident, he campaigned from his bed.

Later his campaign stopped. It is said that he abandoned the campaign due to controversy regarding the Gudivada Assembly seat. No, others say that they quit on the advice of doctors. That’s the last time. He did not appear in politics again.

If not, whenever they get a chance, the newspapers continue to speculate. There is a campaign that Chandrababu Naidu will campaign in the 2014 elections. Even later the media kept writing that he will enter politics or Chandrababu Naidu will bring him.

He did not come, someone else did not bring him. Similarly, he also did not say clearly that he will enter politics or not. He made comments that he may or may not come. He did not say that he was in the Telugu Desam Party or not. Suspense continues from both sides. That is a big political strategy.

Many say he succumbed to regional party-style family politics. It may not be possible to see him again at the leadership level of the Telugu Desam Party. In this context, Junior NTR has now met Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

That’s why BJP and the media informed that Amit Shah couldn’t help praising NTR after watching the blockbuster, Pan India movie ‘RRR’, that’s why he talked about meeting him, and NTR agreed to it. If this is true, then there are many people behind the success of this movie.

How can we forget Ram Charan on the screen? BJP Telangana general secretary Premender Reddy said that Amit Shah is an art lover and wherever he goes he meets artists and this meeting is a part of that. He gave a twist saying that there is no politics in this and that everything will come out at the right time.

However, another senior leader said that Amit Shah also wanted to meet Ramacharan, but Ramacharan was not available. None of the Telangana BJP leaders was ready to say anything other than ‘a meeting of an artist with an art lover’.

However, Andhra Pradesh BJP General Secretary S. Vishnuvardhan Reddy said that this is a political meeting. But, he did not say what kind of political meeting.” BJP is well aware of NTR’s family, the experience of campaigning in 2009, Juniour Ntr who has good eloquence.

Besides, junior has not said that he is against politics, neither can we. Just because he is silent does not mean that he will not enter politics. If he wants to stay away from politics. , not those who would have come to this meeting.

If he has come to the meeting, it is considered as if he is approving of Modi’s policies. In this meeting, Junior NTR will definitely get a message. So there is a possibility that he will definitely take a decision on entering politics,” said Vishnuvardhan Reddy.

Whatever happens in the future, Union Minister Amit Shah.. He sent a message in his own language to the opponents, party ranks, Kammas, Fanski, Telugu Desam leaders, opponents of that party, YCP, TRS. They can translate it as they like.

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