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Two friends go to Oscar

Two friends go to Oscar

It is known that ‘RRR‘, directed by Tollywood’s top director SS Rajamouli, has created many sensations. This film, starring Ram Charan and NTR as heroes, collected more than Rs.1100 crores. Later it was released in OTT and became available in all countries around the world. As a result, many Hollywood and other film celebrities praised this film. Many people also tweeted praising this movie. Besides.. a website called Variety has suggested some names while predicting the movies of the actors going to Oscar 2023. The film ‘RRR’ also got a chance in that.

Variety has predicted that the name of NTR, who played Komuram Bheem in this movie, is likely to be in the Oscar nominations in the best actor category. In addition, Variety reported that RRR is likely to be nominated for Oscar in many categories such as Best Foreign Feature Film, Best Director category for SS Rajamouli, Best Original Screenplay, Best Original Song category for ‘Dosti’. The website also wrote that Ram Charan’s name is also in the best actor category. The joy of his fans knew no bounds. Srinivas Mohan, who worked as a VFX supervisor for Pan India films like ‘RRR’, ‘Baahubali’ and ‘Robo’, tweeted this.

Srinivas’ tweet is currently going viral on social media. Many fans are commenting that they want Ram Charan to be nominated for Oscars. Moreover.. it is concluded that ‘RRR’ has the right to be nominated in all the above mentioned categories.

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