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Bollywood beauty tweet on Jr NTR..

Jr Ntr Bollywood beauty tweet on Jr NTR.

A Bollywood beauty faced difficulties on social media after tweeting about NTR, who became a Pan India star with RRR. Instead of tagging NTR, she added another netizen’s account and made this tweet.

Due to this, many netizens are making a series of posts to verify that it is not NTR’s account. Who is that actress?
Ameesha Patel shared a romantic photo with NTR saying it was a throwback weekend.

Her comment on the said photo makes NTR fans angry. Narasimhudu movie was released in 2005 and directed by B. Gopal. Narasimhudu, which was made as an action revenge drama, did not succeed as expected.

Ameesha Patel and Sameera Reddy acted as heroines. “Cute throwback photo with NTR.

He was a superstar then. Now with an RRR movie as a pan India star, I feel proud to get love across the country. He is a lovely co-star.

A hard-working star who is very confident…” he commented. Ameesha Patel’s fans are happy with NTR’s response. However, instead of tagging NTR’s Twitter account @tarak9999, the tweet was attached to the @jrntr page.

Many netizens who noticed this replied that “Madam Tarak’s Twitter account is different.. Check it out”. After seeing the comments posted by the netizens, Ameesha once again tweeted the same message and tagged the same account again.

So, was it done due to two mistakes in tagging or did you take care to keep only NTR’s name for the third time and not tagging

‘Netflix’ is a huge sketch with Rajamouli.

Before RRR’s hangover, Rajamouli’s next movie is being talked about. As usual, Rajamouli takes a huge gap in the movie. But this time there is a talk that the next movie will be launched soon.

It is known that the famous OTT company Netflix is ​​not able to compete with other companies. With that day by day, the graph of this organization is decreasing.

Netflix subscribers are decreasing drastically in European countries than in Asian countries. Especially in India, it is unable to compete with other OTT organizations.

Calculations show that if this continues, there is a risk of losing more subscribers. But it is better than in India and Asian countries. To this extent, Reid Hastings, CEO of the company, also admitted the decrease in subscribers.

They are discussing how the situation of this organization will lead. In this context, Netflix is ​​taking steps to increase its presence in India and other Asian countries.

It is reported that Rajamouli has decided to use it as part of it. Based on what is being heard in film circles, it is reported that Netflix has already discussed a project with Rajamouli.

It seems to be a huge action drama. Also heard that the period will be the backdrop. With this series, Net Plix hopes to show its strength in OTT.

movie RRR streaming made Net Plix a good name worldwide. It is reported that Net Plix has planned to market as Rajamouli.

Komuram Bheemudo Song .. Kiss me if you change into ad version.

RRR is Rajamouli’s film starring Young Tiger NTR and Mega Power Star Ram Charan in lead roles. After several postponements, the film is releasing on March 25 worldwide and is receiving a good response.

It collected more than 1100 crores worldwide. Every song in this movie is Animuthyale. While songs like Natu Natu, Komma Uyyala, and Dosti were released and created a buzz on YouTube, Komuram Bheemudo went beyond that.

The song was sung by Suddala Ashok Teja Rayaga Keeravani’s son Bhairava.
It’s amazing..but everyone goes into a trance while watching this song.

With this song, NTR has shown the whole universe of his actor. It is not an exaggeration to say that there are no people who did not shed tears after seeing the gestures shown by NTR in this song.

This song is still heard in some way or another. Recently the new video of this song is going viral. In this video, NTR’s Komuram Bhimudo song is mixed with Kiss Me Close Your Eyes song from Dairy Milk ad and the editing video is impressive.

Many netizens are reacting to this and commenting that NTR’s lip movement has synced correctly to the song. Coming to the subject of RRR movie, NTR, Ram Charan played the roles of Telugu historical heroes Komaram Bheem and Alluri Sitarama Raju in this movie.

English actress Olivia Morris and Hindi actress Alia Bhatt acted as a couple. Ajay Devgan appeared in a pivotal role that turns the story. NTR also went into Oscar nomination for this film. Currently, Junior Koratala Siva is preparing for the film.

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