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Nithiin Family In Telangana Assembly Constituency

Nithiin Family In Telangana Assembly Constituency

1. Nithiin Family In Telangana Assembly Where Does The Competition Come From?

The strategies followed by the BJP in Telangana are surprising the political circles. Meeting with heroes like NTR and Nithin created a sensation. However, meeting NTR, who is associated with TDP, as a top leader has raised many speculations. While some kind of discussion was going on meeting with Nithin immediately became a more interesting development. Recent news came to light behind the meeting between Nithin and Nadda.

It is reported that Nithin father, distributor, producer Sudhakar Reddy and sister Nikita Reddy are interested in entering politics and BJP is also positive about it. It is known that Nithin family is hoping for a ticket from Greater Hyderabad, but the competition for this seat is high. That is why it is known that BJP is acting cautiously on this matter. if you want to read More About Nithin and nithin family Background And Nithin Lifestyles Visite Our Website

2. Revanth Reddy’s Overwhelming Offer To The Congress Leaders Who Got The Majority In Munugoda

Earlier, the by-election became prestigious for the ruling and opposition parties. Especially the Congress party needs to win the previous by-elections. Because the earlier position was in the account of Congress, now also Congress will try to maintain its hold by winning there. If the Congress party is defeated in the by-election that is going to be held now, as it is likely to have an impact on the future elections as well, the Congress party is determined to win this election anyway.

However, the Congress party has internal fights, a lack of coordination among the party leaders, and factions opposing Revanth Reddy, and Palvai Sravanti’s ticket. The behavior of leaders who do not cooperate with her by giving creates tension. It is known that Revanth Reddy, who had already said that the Congress Party will win the by-election, has made it clear that Komati Reddy will defeat Rajagopal Reddy. In this order, the previous by-election has become a test not only for the Congress party but also for Revanth Reddy’s ability. It is known that he has announced a bumper offer to the leaders of various constituencies who are going around to campaign in the constituency in the background of the previous by-election.

It is reported that Revanth Reddy has promised that those who want to contest in the next elections can use the previous by-election as a stage and if they get a majority in the area where they campaigned in Munugodu, he will fight for their own constituency ticket and will definitely ensure that they get the ticket.

3. Protection For Girls? Pawan Kalyan Condemned Jagan’s Government

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan has repeatedly questioned the state government regarding the protection of women and girls. Pawan Kalyan, who has expressed concern about the protection of women many times in the past and the atrocities happening in the state, has recently condemned the government once again. Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has targeted the incumbent government in AP. Jagan’s government will fail to provide protection to women, they said. Pawan Kalyan, who released a statement to this effect, questioned why the regime cannot provide protection to women.

4. JEE Main, Neet Exam Merger Proposal Only ! There Was No Fear For Two Years

The Center has put a brake on UGC’s proposals to merge engineering and medical entrance tests into CUTE-UG (Common University Entrance Test-Undergraduate). Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has recently revealed in a statement that the process of merging JEE Main and NEET into the Common University Entrance Test will not take place for another two years. He said there is no plan to merge the engineering entrance exam JEE and medical entrance exam NEET with the Common University Entrance Test (CUET), adding that at present the merger of exams is only a “concept” and not a final decision, and students need not fear.

So far, the government has not taken any decision in principle. Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said that it will take at least two years to take a final decision on the proposal to merge NEET and JEE into CUTE. Meanwhile, since JEE Main and NEET entrance exams have the same subjects, there is no need to conduct separate JEE Main and NEET exams, and they should be merged into CUTE, which is conducted for admissions to undergraduate courses in central universities. It is known that UGC Chairman M Jagdishkumar announced earlier that he will do it. He also said at that time that an expert committee will be appointed on the feasibility and procedures.

UGC Chairman said that there is going to be a new examination system to get admissions in those subjects by writing a single entrance test instead of writing separate entrance tests for mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology exams with the slogan of ‘one country-one exam’. Due to this, the proposal of merging these exams, which is in huge demand at the national level, has led to a nationwide debate. The CUTE-UG 2022 exam conducted this year has been chaotic in many places. Due to this, NTA has been criticized for its incompetence in conducting the exams. Meanwhile, there is concern among students and parents that if JEE Main and NEET are merged and a new system is suddenly introduced, it will lead to more confusion. The latest announcement made by the Union Education Minister has taken everyone’s breath away.

5. The Train Swayed On The Tracks

A massive earthquake shook Taiwan. A train blew up due to the tremors and many buildings were damaged. One person died and 146 people were injured. A bridge on the outskirts of Hualien city collapsed. The bridge got stuck and some vehicles were damaged. The train derailed near Dongli station in Phuli town. However, none of the passengers were injured. Elsewhere, due to the intensity of the tremors, a train swayed on the tracks.

On the other hand, at the station, the passengers were sitting on the poles holding onto the poles. A video related to this has gone viral on social media. Elsewhere, tennis players ran for their lives as the roof of the indoor stadium collapsed. During the earthquake, 400 tourists who were trapped on a mountain slope were safely brought down by the authorities. All of them are safe. Earthquakes occur frequently in Taiwan. A massive earthquake in September 1999 killed around 2,400 people.

6. Chiru, Salman Mas Steppula Josh

Megastar Chiranjeevi and Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan’s movie Godfather is creating a good buzz. The fans are eagerly waiting for this movie which has been made as a crazy project among the films releasing this year. But the promotions of this movie are being planned heavily. Before these promotions, Thar Maar Takkar Maar song was brought to the audience. Recently, the video promo of the Thar Maar Takkar Maar’s song was released and got a huge response. The steps taken by Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan together became a sight for the audience and fans. With that, this song gathered more audience.

7. Tsunami Alert : People Are Running On The Roads

A major earthquake occurred in Mexico. The intensity of this earthquake, which occurred in the west-southeast direction of Mexico, is huge. Many buildings shook. Betas are weekly. Buildings were destroyed in some places. One died after being trapped under their debris. Officials have issued a tsunami alert because it is a coastal area. Even after the main earthquake, the ground shook slightly several times. This made people very scared. The US Geological Survey said that an earthquake occurred at a depth of 15 kilometers at Colima on the west coast of Mexico.

8. Mohali Pitch Suitable For Anyone?

All is set for the three-match T20 series between Australia and India starting today. The first match will be played at the Punjab Cricket Association (PCA) Stadium in Mohali. With the T20 World Cup approaching, this series will be a good preparation for both teams. Both teams are looking at the series as an opportunity to balance their playing 11 combinations. India will be playing a series at home for the first time since June 2022. Due to this, the fans are very interested in this series.

As no international matches have been held in Mohali Stadium recently, the pitch may be a bit new for both teams. There is no rain forecast for today’s match in Mohali. With this, there is a chance that the game will go smoothly. On this ground, the outfield may be a bit of a disadvantage for the batters. Even for bowlers, reading the pitch can be a bit of a challenge. The boundaries are too far apart which suits the fielders a bit. Spinners can benefit in the middle overs.

9. Loss Of Eye Sight With Thyroid?

The thyroid is a gland in the middle of the throat. Although it is a small organ, it performs many important functions in our body. This gland produces three types of hormones that help regulate growth, cell repair, and metabolism in our body. An imbalance in hormone production can lead to fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, extreme cold, and many other symptoms. In severe cases, thyroid diseases can also lead to eye problems. During this stage, your immune system starts attacking the muscles and other tissues around the eyes.

It can also lead to swelling of the eyelids, other eye problems, and in rare cases loss of vision. This condition is called thyroid eye disease or thyroid-related orbitopathy. This condition occurs most often in people with thyroid hormone or hyperthyroidism. Sometimes you can have low thyroid and still have eye problems. The disease is rare in people with normal thyroid levels.

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