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The story of the hero who ran towards the goal covered in blood on the field

After 28 years, Team India won the ODI World Cup again and became the world champion. Earlier sometime in 1983, India won the World Cup. Again, after many years, team India won the World Cup, and the whole country is rejoicing. For a few weeks, everyone enjoyed the joy of that victory. Team India’s captain was praised for giving the country the World Cup. Sachin’s birth was meaningful. The god of cricket was carried on his shoulders.

The whole team took Brahmaratham wherever they went. But three months after winning the World Cup, the doctors confirmed that Yuvraj Singh, the star all-rounder of Team India, has cancer. The entire cricket world was shocked. A person who played brilliantly in the World Cup and won the Player of the Tournament award has lost his life. Everyone was shocked by this news but Yuvi was all smiling. Because doctors have now told the world that he has cancer. But Yuvi knew that while playing the World Cup.
As part of the ODI World Cup 2011, Team India’s match against the West Indies in the group stage in Chennai.

Captain Dhoni won the toss and chose to bat. Due to the injury to Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir came as the opener with Sachin Tendulkar. But.. the two soon joined the pavilion. Team India lost the openers for 52 runs. The responsibility of improving Team India’s innings fell on the young cricketer Virat Kohli and the senior star all-rounder Yuvraj. Both of them played according to the conditions of the team and registered a partnership of 100 runs. Meanwhile, the hill-like man Yuvi was sitting down. Blood from the mouth.. that’s all shock at once.

The umpire also asks UV to take first aid. But UV didn’t count it. His only goal is to give the World Cup to India and dedicate it to Sachin. It is only visible to UV. He was not afraid of shedding blood for it. He won the team India with a bloody century. After that, in the crucial semi-final against Australia, Yuvi showed his universal form. He remained unbeaten with a half-century and brought Team India to the final. Yuvraj’s lion’s roar after that victory will remain in the hearts of every Indian cricket fan. In the final, everyone will talk about the last six hits by Dhoni.

But.. in the final UV is also not out with 21 runs. Yavin was the main reason why Team India won the World Cup in 2011. He excelled in every match. Even though he knew that he was losing his life. Even though he knew that deadly cancer would eat him inside. Team India won the World Cup with the fight shown by Yuvi. UV won the World Cup not only with batting but also with bowling.
Yuvraj did not risk his life to win the World Cup for the country. That is the characteristic of a hero.

Even if the life is lost.. even if the blood is shed.. it is not a great thing to go for the goal of victory.. more than that. India won the World Cup because Yuvraj showed such passion and fight. Forgetting that his younger brother Dhoni was given the captaincy instead of himself, he played with his life for the team. However How much is the captaincy for a person who plays without counting his life? If not how much ?Even though Bahubali had a crown. Bhallaladeva could not become the king. But.. Bahubali became the king of the people even without the crown. Also, UV is a true champion who has given World Cup to Team India.

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