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Kohinoor diamond belongs to Puri Jagannath...

Kohinoor diamond belongs to Puri Jagannath…

The demand to return the Kohinoor diamond to India is increasing day by day. Recently, another argument about this diamond has come to the fore. The Sri Jagannatha Sena in Odisha claimed that this precious diamond belonged to Jagannath.

President Draupadi Murmu asked to bring that diamond. An organization called Sri Jagannath Sena of Puri submitted a memorandum to the President. He said the President should intervene to facilitate the process of bringing back the diamond from the 12th-century temple.

Until recently, it was seen as the crown of the British Queen’s crown. The Kohinoor diamond. This precious diamond is ours. But after the death of the British Queen, now the diamond is going to be given to her daughter-in-law Camilla.

Camilla will wear this crown during the coronation of Charles. Even though there are 2800 diamonds in the crown, the beauty of this queen’s crown is doubled due to the presence of Kohinoor. It is known as a masterpiece.



Kohinoor’s birthplace- period- history is heard in many ways. It is said by historians that the Kohinoor diamond was found in Kollur on Krishna shore. In 1849, the Maharaja of Lahore Dilip Singh took this diamond and handed it over to the British as part of the Lahore Treaty.

Since then, Royal Jewel History says that it has been hanging in the crown of Britain as a dream. Kohinoor is still ours forever. There are documents that have reached Chentak. Kohinoor should also be included in the category of such things.

But these efforts do not seem to be possible easily. However, because it is the Kohinoor diamond. The value of this mountain of light cannot be described in numbers. Many efforts have already been made with the intention of returning this diamond to India forever.

Recently with the death of the Queen of Britain. Once again, Kohinoor tweets are pouring in. This is not a recent attempt. The Indian government has been trying to bring Kohinoor to India since 1947.

In 1953, India appealed to Elizabeth II, who was crowned Queen of Britain. At that time, if 50 MPs signed a resolution to bring Kohinoor to India, the value of this diamond can be known. In 2009, Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson Tushar Gandhi demanded to bring it back to India.

In 2013, then British Prime Minister David Cameron rejected India’s demand to return the Kohinoor. There are many efforts made by India to bring back the Kohinoor. Wrote a letter to the British Prime Minister in 1976. Pakistan Prime Minister Bhutto.

In the year 2000, the Taliban demanded Kohinoor Madenan. That is the demand for this diamond. Such a diamond.. is currently the crown jewel of the Queen of Britain. There are many misconceptions about Kohinoor.

There is an argument that only women should wear this diamond. Otherwise, there are beliefs that this diamond should be encrusted only in the jewels of God. It is said that if men wear Kohinoor, bloodshed will occur.

21. Weighing 12 grams – The kohinoor diamond is 105.602 carats. 66 facets… This diamond measures 3.6 cm long, 3.2 cm wide, and 1.3 cm deep. Where Kohinoor Vajram Puttillu. It is history that this diamond was found on Telugu soil.

Historians have already made it clear that this diamond was found in the Kollur area on the banks of the Krishna in AP. In 1980, Stephen Howarth wrote that the Kohinoor diamond was found in Kollur in the book ‘The Kohinoor Diamond – The History and the Legend’.

Kohinoor Diamond- It has been concluded that it was found in the mines of Kollur. Geological Survey of India report. Located on the fringes of the Nallamala hills, Kollur was famous for the largest mines in the Indian subcontinent at that time.

At that time it was in the Golconda kingdom. In this regard. The watch tower built during the Qutub Shahi period is still there. Historians say that a woman found this diamond in Kollur around 1630.

There are claims that the diamond first got to the Kakatiyas and from them to the kings of Delhi, from there to the kings of Malwa, from there back to the kings of Delhi, and from there to the kings of Golkonda again.

It is said that the Kohinoor diamond reached the Mughals. Another argument is that after that Kohinoor was taken by the British. Kollur mines were popular only in the 13th century. Since then, the reign of Qutb Shahis till the 17th century, diamonds were extracted from the mines here.

However, there is no evidence of diamond mining during British rule. How did Kohinoor reach England? In 1813, the Kohinoor diamond came to Sikh king Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Ranjit Singh seems to have worn the Kohinoor in his crown.

After the death of Ranjit Singh in 1839, Kohinoor passed to his son Dilip Singh. History of Diamond says that the British troops who defeated Dilip Singh in 1849 handed over the diamond to the Queen of England.

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