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Chandrababu Naidu Announcement On The Upcoming Elections

Chandrababu Naidu Announcement On The Upcoming Elections

1. Chandrababu’s sensational announcement: Tickets for all sittings in the next election:-


Chandrababu Naidu Announcement On The Upcoming Elections. He clarified that tickets will be given to all the sitting MLAs. There are reports in the media that Chandrababu has taken this decision in the background of early election speculations. Earlier in the Assembly, Chandrababu discussed the government’s position on the capital issue, CM’s speech and other issues with the MLAs and MLCs of the party. It seems that the TDP leader made these comments in this order. While..TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh has already made key comments in Mahanadu.

Lokesh concluded that if you lose three times in a row, you will not be given a ticket. He announced that he will step down as the National General Secretary of the party next time. Lokesh questioned how new blood will come if they are in positions for years. Leaders are still not active in 30 constituencies. He warned that ineffective leaders will not be in charge. Nara Lokesh is of the opinion that in some constituencies if the voters are given a stick, they will win. He said that if he comes to power, he will introduce a system where ministers will report to the party.

2. CM KCR’s sensational announcement tomorrow… 10 percent reservation for tribals


It seems that Telangana CM KCR will give good news to the tribals. Several Banjarabhavan and Kumrambhim Adivasi Bhavan will be inaugurated in Hyderabad on Saturday on the occasion of the Telangana National Unity Diamond Festival. On this occasion, there is an opportunity to make a key announcement on tribal reservations. In united Andhra Pradesh, the reservation of 6 percent of the tribal population is still continuing. Tribals have always been demanding to increase ST reservation to 12 percent in Telangana.

As the tribal population has increased in Telangana, they want to increase the reservation accordingly. In fact, according to the 2011 census, the tribal population in Telangana is 9.34 percent. According to the comprehensive family survey conducted by the government after the formation of Telangana state, their population is 9.98 percent. The tribal communities are raising concerns that they are being treated unfairly in education and jobs due to the non-increasing of reservations in line with the population.

Recently Telangana government has given permission to fill up 80 thousand government jobs and has already given notifications for many posts including group-1… the demand for an increase in a tribal reservation is being heard loudly. Even now, if the reservation is not increased, the tribal communities are demanding that injustice is being done to them. CM KCR has announced on many occasions in the past that he will implement 12% reservation for tribals.

3. Assassination attempt on Russian President Putin


Euro Weekly News revealed that there was an assassination attempt on Russian President Vladimir Putin in the background of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s car was bombed. However, he narrowly escaped with his life.

According to several international news reports, while Putin was returning to his official residence, the front of his car was bombed, and the left wheel of Putin’s car exploded with a loud noise. The bomb squad and bullet-proof security force were alerted by this and despite the smoke coming from Putin’s car, the President’s vehicle was moved to a safe area, and Putin’s life narrowly escaped in this incident.

4 . A big shock for Bigg Boss season 6.. Biscuit for the boss


It is known that Telugu Bigg Boss season 6 started recently. The show is currently running for the second week. Organizers are hoping that the show will garner massive ratings. Huge ratings are expected especially for the initial episode. Unexpectedly many people skipped the program due to the India-Pakistan match on the same day.
The star himself says that the rating of the first episode is worst. The official rating is also the same. According to the latest information, only 8.5 rating has been recorded for the first episode.

For the last three to four seasons, there are records of 15 to 20 ratings for the opening episode. Analysts are of the opinion that the opening episode of this season has recorded such a bad rating only because of the India Pakistan match. Even if the first episode doesn’t get a good rating, Bulli screen circles are expressing the belief that the previous episodes will get a huge rating. Nagarjuna is acting more maturely than before as a host.

He bombards the contestants with questions in a timely manner and points out their mistakes. So analysts believe that Bigg Boss will have a good rating first and will not have any impact on the first rating. Organizers are trying to bring Bigg Boss closer to the audience with good tasks every week. So everyone is hoping that the rating will be good first.

5. This is a comfort factor for those who are thinking of buying gold before the festive season.


Paddy prices keep falling. The price of gold has been falling for the last three days. Silver also walked in the same path as Puttadi. It can be said to be sweet for those who are thinking of buying gold and silver jewelry. As the price of gold is decreasing in the international market, the same trend is continuing in the domestic market as well. Gold prices are decreasing in the Hyderabad market.

For three days in a row, the rates of crude oil continue to see a downward trend. In a period of three days, the price of gold was Rs. 600 has fallen. This applies to ten grams of 24-carat gold. As a result, this greenback rate is now Rs. 50,400 is at. Also, when it comes to 22-carat gold.. this rate is Rs. 550 has fallen. Rs. It came down to 46,200.

6. Samantha became a problem for Vijay Devarakonda?


Rowdy hero Vijay Devarakonda and Samantha are acting in the movie Khushi. Shiva Nirvana is directing this movie. However, there is talk in the industry that the three will get a hit with this movie. But the project is getting late. There are reports that the reason is Samantha.

Samantha’s demand increased after Allu Arjun starrer ‘Pushpa’ directed by Sukumar.With the song ‘Oo Antava Mawa’ in this film becoming a super hit. Films, web series and talk shows are appearing. The craze for Samantha is a matter of encouragement to the producers who are currently working on a film with her, but there are reports that their project is getting delayed because of her. Vijay Devarakonda, who is in despair with the disaster of Liger, wants his latest film Khushi not to fall on the bank.

He is moving forward believing that his combination with Samantha will be a hit. However, it is believed that there is a clash regarding Samantha’s dates and the project is getting delayed. Actually, Khushi’s next schedule is supposed to start from the second week of October. But Samantha seems to have stopped finding dates. Those are the scenes to be shot with Vijay Deverakonda in her combination.

7. The world of cricket salutes the king of tennis..


Tennis legend Roger Federer announced his retirement from international tennis on Thursday. He suddenly announced his retirement on social media on Thursday evening and shocked tennis lovers. In this letter, he clearly said that the time has come to end his career. Roger Federer said that next week’s Laver Cup in London will be the last tournament of his career. The thought of not seeing his favorite player on the tennis court has left his fans deeply disappointed. The 41-year-old Federer has won 20 Grand Slam titles in his career.

Roger Federer holds the distinction of being the only player to hold the most records. No one expected Roger Federer to announce his retirement so suddenly. Not only the fans but also the giants of the cricket world were excited about his retirement announcement. Congratulations to this legendary tennis player of the sports world in his own style. Former Indian captain Virat Kohli calls himself a fan of Federer from time to time and even watches the matches at Wimbledon many times. Kohli noticed Federer’s post on Instagram..Tennis icon Federer.. All time great.. King Roger,” he commented.

8. Wow for the delivery boy adventure


A cell phone is enough. All work is with it. No matter what you want, you can reach your doorstep with one click. With increasing technology, desirable things are coming into the limelight. There is no need to work hard, there is no need to sweat and the facilities are available to give the much-needed things at home. There is no need to work hard, there is no need to sweat and the facilities are available to give the much-needed things at home. Various apps are impressing people with home delivery. All this is on one side But on the other side things are not like that. Have you ever thought about the condition of delivery boys?

No matter how difficult it may be, they never transgress their duty. Whether it is rain or shine, they ensure that customers are not inconvenienced. The order is delivered at the right time. Currently, a video is going viral on social media. In this clip, the delivery boy has become a hero on the internet with his dedication to work.
He even chased a moving train and delivered the item to a customer. A Danjo agent who provides home delivery of various goods runs along the running train and delivers the order to the customer.

9. If you eat a lot of apples, you will not miss these tips


You have heard from childhood that if you eat an apple every day, you will not need to go to the doctor. Yes, the nutrients in apple protect us from many health problems. These are rich in nutrients like phosphorus, vitamins, magnesium, potassium and iron. They keep many types of infections and other diseases away Help to keep No matter how healthy apples are, eating too much of them is not safe. Fiber content is essential to keep us healthy. This fiber is abundant in apples. However, health experts say that if fiber material increases in our body, many problems will arise related to digestion.

If the fiber content is taken in excess, it can cause constipation along with bloating. Eating more than 70 grams of fiber per day can cause digestive problems. A medium-sized apple contains about 25 grams of carbohydrates. But if you eat too many apples every day, you may become obese Yes, if you eat too many apples, your teeth will be badly damaged. Because apples contain acid. Because of this, if you eat too many apples, your teeth will get damaged.

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