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Heart touching decision taken by Prabhas for grandfather.

Rebal Star Prabhas-Heart touching decision

Rebal Star Prabhas-Heart touching decision


1.Rebal Star Prabhas-Heart touching decision

Global star Rebal Star Prabhas took a sensational decision after the death of his stepfather rebel star Krishnam Raju. It is known that he is currently shooting for two films simultaneously. Rebal Star Prabhas is busy with the shootings of ‘Project K’ and ‘Salar’. With the sudden death of Krishnamraju, it seems that the shooting of the film has been stopped. Moreover, it is heard in industry circles that rebal star Prabhas has decided not to participate in any shootings for a month.

It is reported that Prabhas took this sensational decision to stand by the family in such a difficult time. In fact, if everything had gone well, the shooting of the two films that Prabhas is currently doing would have been going on. Even after the death of Krishnamraju.. he wanted to participate in the shooting so as not to waste the call sheets of other actors..

But, in view of the situation close to home, industry sources are talking that he took this decision. It is known that rebel star Krishnamraj has no sons. Prabhas is the younger son of Krishna Raja. Prabhas is all about the family now. That’s why it is reported that he  is thinking of giving a break to the shootings for a month.

2. Not a cat but a lion. A stick for your courage Nayana..

Pigs come in groups.. Lion is always single’ This dialogue is in the movie. Whether in the cage or outside.. a lion is a lion.. any animal should be threatened by its roar. A man here has turned the mighty lion into a cat. A video related to this is currently doing rounds in the Nettinta tribe.

You can see a man threatening a lion with a small stick. And Mrigaraju seems to have forgotten that he is the king of the forest. Like a cat, it is afraid of that stick. Moreover, it is running from there. The video related to this has now gone viral on social media.


3. If there are seats for all the people sitting… is it a seat per hour? Or?

Telugu Desam Party leader Nara Chandrababu Naidu is behaving differently from the past. He is taking decisions that are different from his natural style as he has to do less politics to face the opponent. This time Chandrababu is taking random decisions that he will not finalize the candidate till the last date of nomination.

Now whatever he does in the party, there is a stir. Recently, Chandrababu has announced that all the sitting members should work in their respective positions and they will be the candidates from there in the upcoming elections as well. But one thing is now racking the brains of political analysts.

Ganta Srinivasa Rao, who won from Visakhapatnam North Constituency among the 19 MLAs, has a seat? Or? Not only in the Mimamsa party, but also in the people. The leaders of that constituency are getting angry that Chandrababu has not decided anything in this matter. Since the YCP came to power in 2019, he has been away from the Telugu Desam Party.

Now the party ranks are demanding that he should clarify about the Visakha letter by saying seats for all. Ganta Srinivasa Rao has a habit of changing his constituency every election so will he contest? Or? want to say.

The Telugu brothers complain that he has not done anything for the people of the constituency, and because of his unavailability, the opposition among the locals will shift towards the Telugu Desam Party.

4. Special buses for Dussehra: From 24th, 3500 services..

Dussehra is a big festival in Telangana.. people go to town for the festival. The city is almost empty. RTC runs special buses for this purpose. This time too the services have increased. The RTC officials have decided to run Dussehra special buses from the 24th of this month to the 7th of the next month.

The RTC officials are making plans to run around 3,500 RTC buses from the Rangareddy region under the RTC Greater Hyderabad zone to the districts as Dussehra specials. There are Dussehra special buses from all major areas of Hyderabad city like Miyapur, Kukatpally, JBS, Secunderabad, Uppal, LBnagar, and Kothi.


5. AP government New Sceam

Andhra Pradesh: It is known that the YCP government has been working hard to strengthen the education sector since it came to power in Andhra Pradesh. Jagan’s government, which has already given special attention to the education department with Nadu-Nedu, Jagananna Vidya Kanuka, and Amma Odi schemes, has recently taken another important decision.

The government has issued an official order sanctioning two MEO posts for each Mandal in the state. As part of this, the AP government has sanctioned 679 MEO-2 posts in the entire state. Henceforth there will be two MEOs for each Mandal in the state.

MEO-1 will be for teaching supervision while MEO-2 will supervise non-teaching activities. The previous 666 posts have been converted into MEO-1 and 13 more posts have been created. Officials say that with this decision, better performance will be seen in schools as well as in other programs.


6. Modi shocked the President of China and the Prime Minister of Pakistan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi shocked China and Pakistan at Shanghai Cooperation Organization meetings. He did not talk to Chinese President Xi Jinping and Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif. He did not even look at them. Didn’t even shake hands.

Only the group photo was taken. But Modi did not talk to these leaders even though they were very close in the group photo. Modi was very close to them and did not speak on other occasions of the meetings. Modi also stayed silent for the dinner meeting.

On June 15, 2020, 20 Indian soldiers, including Colonel Santosh, were killed in a conspiracy attack by the Chinese army in the Galway valley. A large number of Chinese soldiers were also killed in the counter-attacks on the Indian army. However, China has not yet officially announced how many people died.

Soon after the Galway incident, the Narendra Modi government banned Chinese apps. Stopped business and trade relations with China. Since then, talks between Indian and Chinese armies have been going on to reduce tensions.

All these together but it seems that Modi did not talk to Xi Jinping as India did not want the change in China’s behavior. Modi also did not talk to Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

He did not want to talk to Sharif as Pakistan was taking a two-pronged approach to terrorism. However, observers say that by shocking China and Pakistan simultaneously on international platforms, India’s firm stance has been conveyed.


7. Extreme pressure for Uppal tickets.. Police and ministers want passes!

After almost three years, an international cricket match was held at the Uppal Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium and there was a huge demand for tickets. All the tickets for this match to be held between India and Australia on 25th of this month have already been sold.

When the tickets for this match were made available on Paytm and Paytm Insider app at 8 pm on Thursday night, 39 thousand tickets were sold in seconds. The match was given priority as the international fight was taking place after almost three years.

There is an unprecedented demand for match tickets. On the other hand, it seems that the police and ministers are troubling the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) officials for complimentary passes.


8. Former Pakistani accused of Arshadeep Singh:

It seems that it has become a habit of ex-players of Pakistan to lash out at Indian players and fans. It is known that PCB Chairman Rameez Raza made inappropriate comments to divert Pakistan’s defeat in the hands of Lanka in the Asia Cup.

Recently, another former pacer, Aqib Javed, has taken a dig at Team India’s young bowler, Arshadeep Singh. Javed commented that Arshadeep is an ordinary bowler. He does not have the tag of being an influential bowler or a great bowler. Arshadeep is a basic bowler in T20.

Because we need a bowler who swings the ball like Bhuvneshwar in the short format. Otherwise should have been able to get good yorkers. At least the trademark of being a great bowler should be there. But Arshadeep is just an ordinary bowler.

That’s why the opponents don’t count such bowlers much,” Javed commented. Even though India lost to Pakistan and Sri Lanka in the Asia Cup Super-4 stage, Arheep bowled brilliantly in the last over. He made a great effort to save seven runs.

He took almost every match to the last ball. So far 11 T20 He took 14 wickets in this sequence and Arshadeep got a place in the Indian team selected for the T20 World Cup.


9. Aha gave an update that would make Balayya fans happy.

There is no need to say how Natasimham Nandamuri Balakrishna acts passionately in movies. But how will the Balayya talk show be conducted..?

As a host Balakrishna entertains in which range.? Unstoppable which was telecast in Aha checked the doubts. Natasha hosted Unstoppable as Balayya Shone is the best of all talk shows. Balakrishna made the guests laugh with his comedy timing.

After the completion of the first season of Unstoppable, Balayya fans are eagerly waiting to see when season 2 will start. After completing the first season successfully, Balayya is now getting ready for season 2. An official statement to this effect has been given by leading OTT company Aha.

Balayya Unstoppable Season 2 is scheduled to start in August itself. However, Unstoppable has also been delayed due to the delay in the shooting of the film currently coming in the combination of Balakrishna and Gopichand Malineni.

Balayya is now gearing up for Unstoppable Season 2 as the shooting is nearing its end. But there is talk that megastar Chiranjeevi will be the first guest in season 2.

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