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Radha-NTR fulfills Radha's wish

Radha-NTR fulfills Radha’s wish

NTR fulfills Radha's wish   Radha Senior actress - Balayya combination has four movies. In their combo, the films like Radha in Nippului Manishi – Radha In Muddola Krishnayya – Radha In Kaliyuga Krishna – Radha In Ramudu Bheemudu came out. So Radha had a good friendship with Balayya. What is more, they were still good friends even though they did not get any great movies together. After getting away from the movies, she got married and settled down in family life. Radha married a man from Kerala. The couple has a son with Kartika and Tulsi. Radha struggled to settle her two daughters as heroines. Eldest daughter Karthika's movie Ko (Rangam in Telugu) was a big hit in Tamil. Although her second daughter Tulsi Mani Ratnam was the heroine in the movie Kadali, she could not improve in her acting and left the screen. And Radha made every effort to make Karthika a great heroine in Telugu. It was in this sequence that Junior NTR himself requested to give a chance in your film. It is said that after Radha asked himself, Junior also recommended Karthika in the movie Dammu. In that movie, Kartika and Trisha acted as a pair of NTR. But this movie did not meet the expectations. There was a talk that the heroines were also minus. Along with this, there was a talk that Kartika's facial expressions were also not right. She did not get a chance after that. In the end, even if Allari played Naresh's sister role, no one paid attention to her in…

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