The story of the hero who ran towards the goal covered in blood on the field

After 28 years, Team India won the ODI World Cup again and became the world champion. Earlier sometime in 1983, India won the World Cup. Again, after many years, team India won the World Cup, and the whole country is rejoicing. For a few weeks, everyone enjoyed the joy of that victory. Team India's captain was praised for giving the country the World Cup. Sachin's birth was meaningful. The god of cricket was carried on his shoulders. The whole team took Brahmaratham wherever they went. But three months after winning the World Cup, the doctors confirmed that Yuvraj Singh, the star all-rounder of Team India, has cancer. The entire cricket world was shocked. A person who played brilliantly in the World Cup and won the Player of the Tournament award has lost his life. Everyone was shocked by this news but Yuvi was all smiling. Because doctors have now told the world that he has cancer. But Yuvi knew that while playing the World Cup.As part of the ODI World Cup 2011, Team India's match against the West Indies in the group stage in Chennai. Captain Dhoni won the toss and chose to bat. Due to the injury to Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir came as the opener with Sachin Tendulkar. But.. the two soon joined the pavilion. Team India lost the openers for 52 runs. The responsibility of improving Team India's innings fell on the young cricketer Virat Kohli and the senior star all-rounder Yuvraj. Both of them played according to the conditions of the team and registered a partnership of 100…

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Read more about the article Nithiin Family In Telangana Assembly Constituency
Nithiin Family In Telangana Assembly Constituency

Nithiin Family In Telangana Assembly Constituency

1. Nithiin Family In Telangana Assembly Where Does The Competition Come From? The strategies followed by the BJP in Telangana are surprising the political circles. Meeting with heroes like NTR and Nithin created a sensation. However, meeting NTR, who is associated with TDP, as a top leader has raised many speculations. While some kind of discussion was going on meeting with Nithin immediately became a more interesting development. Recent news came to light behind the meeting between Nithin and Nadda. It is reported that Nithin father, distributor, producer Sudhakar Reddy and sister Nikita Reddy are interested in entering politics and BJP is also positive about it. It is known that Nithin family is hoping for a ticket from Greater Hyderabad, but the competition for this seat is high. That is why it is known that BJP is acting cautiously on this matter. if you want to read More About Nithin and nithin family Background And Nithin Lifestyles Visite Our Website 2. Revanth Reddy's Overwhelming Offer To The Congress Leaders Who Got The Majority In Munugoda Earlier, the by-election became prestigious for the ruling and opposition parties. Especially the Congress party needs to win the previous by-elections. Because the earlier position was in the account of Congress, now also Congress will try to maintain its hold by winning there. If the Congress party is defeated in the by-election that is going to be held now, as it is likely to have an impact on the future elections as well, the Congress party is determined to win this election anyway. However, the…

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Radha-NTR fulfills Radha's wish

Radha-NTR fulfills Radha’s wish

NTR fulfills Radha's wish   Radha Senior actress - Balayya combination has four movies. In their combo, the films like Radha in Nippului Manishi – Radha In Muddola Krishnayya – Radha In Kaliyuga Krishna – Radha In Ramudu Bheemudu came out. So Radha had a good friendship with Balayya. What is more, they were still good friends even though they did not get any great movies together. After getting away from the movies, she got married and settled down in family life. Radha married a man from Kerala. The couple has a son with Kartika and Tulsi. Radha struggled to settle her two daughters as heroines. Eldest daughter Karthika's movie Ko (Rangam in Telugu) was a big hit in Tamil. Although her second daughter Tulsi Mani Ratnam was the heroine in the movie Kadali, she could not improve in her acting and left the screen. And Radha made every effort to make Karthika a great heroine in Telugu. It was in this sequence that Junior NTR himself requested to give a chance in your film. It is said that after Radha asked himself, Junior also recommended Karthika in the movie Dammu. In that movie, Kartika and Trisha acted as a pair of NTR. But this movie did not meet the expectations. There was a talk that the heroines were also minus. Along with this, there was a talk that Kartika's facial expressions were also not right. She did not get a chance after that. In the end, even if Allari played Naresh's sister role, no one paid attention to her in…

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