Balayya will start with a boy

Balayya will start with a boy balayya  Aha Unstoppable for Aha became a sensational first season. Now the stage is set for the second season of this show. show in digital media has become a huge hit. And now Unstoppable 2 is also coming soon. Unstoppable 2 is fixed with the first episode itself.   That's why the Aha team is fixed in the first two episodes. Star celebrities are being roped in. It is said that the boy will come as a guest for Babai first. Young Tiger NTR will be the guest of Balayya's unstoppable show. We can say that this episode is a big gift for Nandamuri fans. On the other hand, Megastar Chiranjeevi is also being roped in as a guest in the second episode. Actually, Chiru was supposed to come as a guest in Unstoppable Season 1, but why was he not able to? Also, they are trying to bring Chiru, NTR, Nagarjuna, and Venkatesh in Season 2. Overall, it is understood that Unstoppable Season 2 is going to be bigger than expected.

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Read more about the article Kohinoor diamond belongs to Puri Jagannath…
Kohinoor diamond belongs to Puri Jagannath...

Kohinoor diamond belongs to Puri Jagannath…

The demand to return the Kohinoor diamond to India is increasing day by day. Recently, another argument about this diamond has come to the fore. The Sri Jagannatha Sena in Odisha claimed that this precious diamond belonged to Jagannath. President Draupadi Murmu asked to bring that diamond. An organization called Sri Jagannath Sena of Puri submitted a memorandum to the President. He said the President should intervene to facilitate the process of bringing back the diamond from the 12th-century temple. Until recently, it was seen as the crown of the British Queen's crown. The Kohinoor diamond. This precious diamond is ours. But after the death of the British Queen, now the diamond is going to be given to her daughter-in-law Camilla. Camilla will wear this crown during the coronation of Charles. Even though there are 2800 diamonds in the crown, the beauty of this queen's crown is doubled due to the presence of Kohinoor. It is known as a masterpiece.   Kohinoor's birthplace- period- history is heard in many ways. It is said by historians that the Kohinoor diamond was found in Kollur on Krishna shore. In 1849, the Maharaja of Lahore Dilip Singh took this diamond and handed it over to the British as part of the Lahore Treaty. Since then, Royal Jewel History says that it has been hanging in the crown of Britain as a dream. Kohinoor is still ours forever. There are documents that have reached Chentak. Kohinoor should also be included in the category of such things. But these efforts do not seem to be…

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Read more about the article srinu vaitla last and final film for  a director?
srinu vaitla last and final film for a director?

srinu vaitla last and final film for a director?

srinu vaitla value of success in the industry is high. Everything depends on success here. When that goes away, all the equations change. Until then, the people around are not even visible. There will be no one to greet. There will be no one to care. Even the hero who gives dates will show his face. Now the once-star director is facing a similar situation.   In the past, he has given back-to-back super hits and blockbusters with star heroes. He is hit super hits and blockbusters like Anandiya Dee Dubai Seenu Agushki for you. who has worked with every hero from Akash to Megastar Chiranjeevi, has lost his form in the past due to huge flops. From the movie 'Aagadu' Srinu Whitela's streak of disasters continued to 'Amar Akbar Antony'. Because of this, no hero is showing interest to work with him. As the star heroes have recently started considering his track record and giving him a chance, he has started doing rounds around the younger heroes. But the inside talk said that many of the small heroes even tier two heroes did not care about he and then turned their faces. However, according to the latest information, it is known that Srinu Vaitla has convinced a hero. That hero is none other than Gopichand. Gopichand liked the point made by Srinu and was ready to give him a chance. It seems that these two will officially announce this project together soon. If this is the case, this will be the last attempt of Srinu Vaitla.

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Power star Pawan Kalyan is a key decision in terms of movies

Power star Pawan Kalyan is a key decision in terms of movies Power Star Pawan Kalyan has an unexpected level of craze among the audience. Power Star Pawan Kalyan currently has three films in his hand. acting in Harihara Veeramallu, Vinodaya Sittam remake, and Bhavadiyudu Bhagat Singh. Kalyan wants to get busy with shootings. Everyone thought that Pawan will be busy with political activities soon. But Bogatta said that Pawan has decided to give priority to completing the films that have already given the green signal. It is heard in the political circles that Pawan Kalyan's political trip has been postponed. It seems that Pawan intends to complete the three films that have already been given the green signal by June next year. Pawan plans to complete the films and spend the money on political activities. After the completion of the films, will devote his full time to politics. It is noteworthy that Arani is heard in industry circles. Power star is getting remuneration in the range of 60 to 70 crore rupees for each film   There is information that Pawan Kalyan will be fully busy with political activities after June 2023. Comments are being expressed that the Janasena party will achieve better results in the 2024 elections. Pawan's career Steps are being taken in the matter. Read More two friends go to oscar  

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Read more about the article Chandrababu Naidu Announcement On The Upcoming Elections
Chandrababu Naidu Announcement On The Upcoming Elections

Chandrababu Naidu Announcement On The Upcoming Elections

1. Chandrababu's sensational announcement: Tickets for all sittings in the next election:-   Chandrababu Naidu Announcement On The Upcoming Elections. He clarified that tickets will be given to all the sitting MLAs. There are reports in the media that Chandrababu has taken this decision in the background of early election speculations. Earlier in the Assembly, Chandrababu discussed the government's position on the capital issue, CM's speech and other issues with the MLAs and MLCs of the party. It seems that the TDP leader made these comments in this order. While..TDP National General Secretary Nara Lokesh has already made key comments in Mahanadu. Lokesh concluded that if you lose three times in a row, you will not be given a ticket. He announced that he will step down as the National General Secretary of the party next time. Lokesh questioned how new blood will come if they are in positions for years. Leaders are still not active in 30 constituencies. He warned that ineffective leaders will not be in charge. Nara Lokesh is of the opinion that in some constituencies if the voters are given a stick, they will win. He said that if he comes to power, he will introduce a system where ministers will report to the party. 2. CM KCR's sensational announcement tomorrow... 10 percent reservation for tribals   It seems that Telangana CM KCR will give good news to the tribals. Several Banjarabhavan and Kumrambhim Adivasi Bhavan will be inaugurated in Hyderabad on Saturday on the occasion of the Telangana National Unity Diamond Festival. On this occasion, there…

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Read more about the article Balakrishna Mazaka..Deal is close.
Balakrishna Mazaka..Deal is close.

Balakrishna Mazaka..Deal is close.

Balakrishna Mazaka .. Deal is close. Balakrishna Recently, the films of star heroes are getting record business. It is known that recently the mass entertainer``Dasara'' starring natural star Nani has become a hot topic regarding the theatrical rights of both the Telugu states.   In the same generation, Nandamuri Natasimham Balakrishna's latest movie has also created a record in terms of non-theatrical rights. Nandamuri Balakrishna has entered Manchi Rising since December last year. ``Akhanda'' released on December 2 last year became an exceptional blockbuster hit and collected huge collections at the box office. Mythri movie makers are producing this movie with great ambition. The film team, which has already completed the filming of key moments, recently went to Turkey. The movie is being made with the working title of NBK107 There, they completed several scenes and a romantic song and returned to India. The makers are planning to reveal the title of this movie on the occasion of Dussehra. In this background, interesting news has come out regarding this movie. It seems that a non-theatrical deal has been closed with 58 crores. It is said that this is a record in Balayya's career to complete a non-theatrical deal at this level this is the biggest budget film in Balayya's career. 

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Read more about the article Nandamuri Descendants First 4 movies
Nandamuri Descendants First 4 movies

Nandamuri Descendants First 4 movies

The Nandamuri family has a history of six decades in Tollywood. Harikrishna did some films in the second generation after NTR. Even now, Balayya is a star hero from the second generation. And now among the third-generation Nandamuri heroes, NTR is in the number one position. In the third generation till now all the hopes of Nandamuri fans are on one junior NTR. Kalyan Ram and Tarakaratna also entered the third generation along with NTR from the same family. Apart from NTR's top position, Kalyan Ram has been continuing in the industry for fifteen years. He recently scored a super hit with the movie Bimbisara. Tarakarathna, who came into the news with 9 films opening at the same time, disappeared just as quickly. Moksha is taking a wonderful love story for his debut movie with Rahul. If Mokshu's debut movie also opens with a love story, then the debut movies of NTR - Kalyan Ram - Tarakaratna - Mokshagna, who are four heroes in the third generation of the Nandamuri clan, will open with a love story. Among Nandamuri's third-generation heirs, Junior NTR (I want to see you) – Kalyan Ram (At First Sight) – Taraka Ratna (Okato no. Kurradu) all three became heroes with love stories. But NTR's first movie Ninnu Chudana, Kalyan Ram's first look, and Tarakarat's number one boy, these three films did not achieve as much success as expected. And now Mokshu how that sentiment? Will you break? Must see.

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Read more about the article Will Juniour Ntr enter politics or not?
Will Juniour Ntr enter politics or not

Will Juniour Ntr enter politics or not?

Juniour Ntr enter politics or not? Juniour Ntr enter politics or not? Will you join BJP or not? Do you just campaign or do you drive the story from behind the scenes? Or will you wait till the end and get wet like Rajinikanth? No one can imagine. All in all, such a big question mark has not appeared in front of Telugu people recently. Even after Union Minister, Amit Shah landed in Hyderabad, he eagerly went to the temple and worshiped his mother, but did not get any publicity. Even though Munugudu went from Hyderabad with a huge convoy and lectured for half an hour on KCR, his family rule and KCR's forgotten promises, there was no special coverage beyond the routine coverage and no analysis. No one paid much attention to Komati Rajagopal Reddy, who was the reason for Amit Shah's arrival, and his saffron scarf. Finally, his meeting with media king 'Eenadu' Ramoji Rao did not make a big sound. Amit Shah's private lunch meeting with Juniour Ntr became a big hot topic. It has been many years since the most thrilling scenes in Telugu state politics. There is no other feature except victories and defeats, overwhelming victories, terrible defeats, insults and taunts. Telugu politics is somewhat stagnant. The same faces, the same characters, the same themes, the same conspiracies, the same intrigues... are getting ready to come again and again. No one could come up with something new.   That's why the discussion going on for two days says that there is a need for a…

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Read more about the article rashmika mandanna in Ntr 30..??
Rashmika Mandanna in Ntr 30..??

rashmika mandanna in Ntr 30..??

rashmika mandanna Every day there is a news on social media about the movie in the combination of Young Tiger NTR and Koratala Siva. There is no doubt that the news is getting more and more interesting for the fans who are waiting for when their combo movie will start. Koratala Siva's close friends say that it will not only be a Telugu film, but it will increase the image of NTR all over the country. Rumors are doing rounds on social media about the heroine of the film.   It is not new that there is publicity in the media about the heroine of the NTR 30 movie, earlier there were reports that Janhvi Kapoor is going to play the heroine. After that, there was a rumor that Alia Bhatt is going to play the heroine in this movie. Recently, the news is coming that national crush rashmika mandanna is going to act alongside NTR in this film. It is known that she got national recognition in a range with the movie Pushpa. That's why it seems that she is being cast in this film. The industry circles are whispering that director Koratala Siva thinks that there is a chance of good business by doing her there. And rashmika mandanna is going to take five crore rupees for acting in this movie. Rashmika Mandana has not received this level of remuneration in recent times. Even though director Koratala Siva demanded more dates from her and demanded a huge salary, she said okay. Heroine K Rs. Some people from the industry…

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Read more about the article Jr Ntr Bollywood beauty tweet on Jr NTR.
Bollywood beauty tweet on Jr NTR..

Jr Ntr Bollywood beauty tweet on Jr NTR.

A Bollywood beauty faced difficulties on social media after tweeting about NTR, who became a Pan India star with RRR. Instead of tagging NTR, she added another netizen's account and made this tweet. Due to this, many netizens are making a series of posts to verify that it is not NTR's account. Who is that actress?Ameesha Patel shared a romantic photo with NTR saying it was a throwback weekend. Her comment on the said photo makes NTR fans angry. Narasimhudu movie was released in 2005 and directed by B. Gopal. Narasimhudu, which was made as an action revenge drama, did not succeed as expected. Ameesha Patel and Sameera Reddy acted as heroines. "Cute throwback photo with NTR. He was a superstar then. Now with an RRR movie as a pan India star, I feel proud to get love across the country. He is a lovely co-star. A hard-working star who is very confident…'' he commented. Ameesha Patel's fans are happy with NTR's response. However, instead of tagging NTR's Twitter account @tarak9999, the tweet was attached to the @jrntr page. Many netizens who noticed this replied that "Madam Tarak's Twitter account is different.. Check it out". After seeing the comments posted by the netizens, Ameesha once again tweeted the same message and tagged the same account again. So, was it done due to two mistakes in tagging or did you take care to keep only NTR's name for the third time and not tagging 'Netflix' is a huge sketch with Rajamouli. Before RRR's hangover, Rajamouli's next movie is being talked about. As…

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